How to Pack a Wedding Dress for Travel

So you are getting married overseas? You might also now be questioning approximately that each one essential wedding gown and the way exceptional to take it with you in your wedding destination. This article is based totally on enterprise expertise and primary hand memories of brides that we’ve got handled over the years.

Specialist wedding ceremony gown cleaning is regularly executed on dresses previous to going away on your wedding destination. Sometimes, brides will buy a secondhand get dressed and have it cleaned first. If this is you then it might be easier to have a professional wedding ceremony get dressed cleansing organization field it up for you in a marriage travel container. This sort of field is maximum appropriate for tour with your get dressed and is also crafted from PH impartial card and carries acid unfastened tissue. The complete reason of this box is that your robe will live with you at all times on-board the plane.

If you have got purchased a modern-day get dressed from a marriage gown store then using the same kind of container is your best alternative additionally. The wedding gown save have to be greater than satisfied to percent your get dressed for you.

After all changes were done and you’ve got had your very last becoming on the bridal keep, ask them to percent the dress for you. In a container you supply to them or they’ll be able to sell you a marriage travel field directly.

There are numerous on-line corporations that promote tour containers however please usually ask for PH Neutral card (heavy) and acid unfastened tissue for packaging the dress. Please observe that during widespread the less expensive boxes additionally do no longer have a thick corded sporting deal with but a plastic manage that pushes into the container thus making it flawed to save your dress in afterwards.

If you have purchased the get dressed and have it at home then it’s miles recommended using a wedding dress tour container and packing the wedding get dressed yourself.

Step 1. Layer the acid free tissue in the bottom of the container after which round the rims.

Step 2. Try to estimate the number of folds required to get the get dressed into the container with the bodice dealing with upwards at the closing fold.

Step 3. Lay the teach in the backside of the container then place tissue over and tuck in tightly at the sides

Step four. Fold the get dressed over and press down firmly now lay more tissue over this folded layer tucking in tightly at the edges.

Step 5. Finally fold the get dressed with the bodice going through to the top of the field once more pressing down firmly and again location tissue over and tuck firmly into the edges.

Step 6. Now don’t forget the Veil and tiara when you have one… Then region the lid on and securely the use of the drawer string.


– Don’t try to percent the hoops and underneath skirt into the travel field.

– Don’t panic if your get dressed seems squashed – maximum wedding ceremony destinations could have steamers to steam the wedding get dressed on arrival.

– Always check along with your airline the maximum length of hand bags allowed on board the plane.

– Wedding dress journey boxes are available many sizes and hues.

– Unpack your wedding get dressed as quickly as viable to avoid horrific creases placing in.

– Some airways do permit the marriage get dressed on board in the cabin within the gown bag striking compartment however check together with your airline!

– DO NOT put your valuable get dressed on your match case – It won’t arrive with you and beverages can wreck and harm your get dressed in the event that they leak inside the preserve of the aircraft.

– If you MUST positioned the marriage get dressed into a suitcase and into the hold of the plane then please ensure you cowl the entire dress with a strong water tight plastic bag.

Most Wedding Travel Boxes include a twine cope with in place of ribbon and lace that holds the lid in vicinity as you carry. These strong boxes guard the get dressed from any untoward injuries at the same time as journeying, and may be used after the day for storing the wedding dress in

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